UDF in spark Scala with examples

val tempDF=sparkSession.createDataFrame(Seq(
("rahul sharma",32,"Patna",20000,"Store Manager"),
("Joy don",30,"NY",23455,"Developer"),
("Steve boy",42,"Delhi",294884,"Developer"))
def getFistName= (name: String) => {
val temp:Array[String]=name.split(" ")
val getFistNameUDF = sparkSession.udf.register("fist_name",getFistName)this can be also used as string expression for example -tempDF.selectExpr("fist_name(name)").show(2)another way to register: import org.apache.spark.sql.functions.udf
val getFistNameUDF = udf(getFistName)
we can use this only as a DataFrame function.it can’t be used within a string expression.
def  isManager= (name: String) => {
val isManagerUDF = sparkSession.udf.register("is_manager",isManager)
val finalDF=tempDF.withColumn("first name",getFistNameUDF(col("name")))




Data Engineering | Machine Learning | Front-end | NIT Trichy

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Parmanand kumar

Parmanand kumar

Data Engineering | Machine Learning | Front-end | NIT Trichy

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